Monday, July 16, 2007

Time Management

What with Girl Talk's new book on managing your time and the book we borrowed from my parent's house and skimmed, there have been many discussions in the Butts' household on time management. (Maybe there should be more conversations about run-on sentences.) It is a great discussion to have and re-visit often.

Dustin and I have a lot of time on our hands this summer. It is interesting how easy it is, however, to find that the day has slipped by with many things left undone. Stress or getting behind can even sneak in around the summer. I have a growing theory that if I don't manage my time well now (not perfectly, but well), I certainly won't when school starts. And it will follow that I certainly won't when we start have babies one day.

I haven't read Girl Talk's book yet, but I am gleaning ideas from several places and from mistakes I've made in the past.

Some of the principles I'm hitting on currently are planning each day, getting sufficient rest, working hard when it's time to work, setting goals, evaluating your goals, prayerful dependence, accountability in your goals, etc.

One goal is to budget my time on the computer. That being said, I only have a few minutes.

I'd like to share one other small goal. Laura actually inspired me. I want to practice piano... a lot. I took lessons twice a week for 10 years and yet, sadly, I haven't played in a few years except sporadically. We have a keyboard and my desire is strong. There may even be future needs in my church. I don't want to waste all of those years, for one thing. :)

So, here's to Resolutions made in July. Ask me later how it's going.


sarahdodson said...

Is that a picture of your new piano?? Lessons would be a MUST, if it is;)

Ryan Bebee said...

You will have to come over and play with Sarah as soon as we get to loui. If dustin helps us move the piano in than you can play anytime. See ya on the 30th (ish)

Jamie Butts said...

Haha. We'll get Dustin to help move it for sure! I'd love to play :) I'm so excited you guys are getting here soon! Woohoo!