Tuesday, July 24, 2007


At Kari's sweet request, I put our Indy pics on facebook. We got a little camera happy.

We had a great time. I don't know where to start, but let's just say we enjoyed it tremendously. Indianapolis is a cool town.

NOTE: If you use Priceline, good for you, but if you get a hotel downtown, be prepared to pay a pretty penny on parking. Don't say we didn't warn you. We actually got it validated, but that's a long story. (If 30 people have a party next to your room, kindly tell the manager. They are usually nice and compensate you. Ha!)

Other than that, it was great. We tried to be cool like our friends with bikes so we rented them for an hour and had a BLAST cruising around town. I think it was the highlight of the trip. We also went to the NCAA Hall of Champions (forgot to tell you that one, Erin), Indiana State (not the college) Museum (surprisingly really cool), Superheroes Museum, Borders, PF Changs, Jimmy Johns, small Italian joint, and hung out around the cool canal. Before we knew our parking would be validated, we were scared to leave our parking spot (they would have added another day on), so we couldn't go to church or drive anywhere, but we had a great time walking everywhere. Made me think I should get out and walk more. Plus, the weather was amazing. This paragraph has tons of parentheses and run-ons. Sorry.

Back in place now and school is in full swing. Well, we're not due back until the 9th of August, but I have work to do to prepare! Still enjoying the last few days of summer though. There you have it, Kari friend. Pics and even a little update. :) We had a wonderful time enjoying the weekend with each other. It was a sweet memory.

A long time ago, my friends Patrick Horner and Mary Row taught me a valuable lesson about recording the "history of God's dealings in your life" so you don't forget like the Israelites. I loved that lesson they both taught and displayed for me. So, I asked Dustin if we could start an anniversary book. We bought a cheapo journal at Borders and started and just recorded a few of the main things from this year. Hope to add to it on each anniversary. I'm kind of sentimental. Who knew? If you don't think it's too cheesy, consider starting something similar no matter what season you are in. Or just journal from time to time. It could be helpful and super encouraging to look at one day down the road, or that's the goal anyway.

Here are a few pics, but you can go here and here for all of them:


Kari Plevan said...

Yea Jamie! Thanks for the fun pictures!! I like them all and I'm glad you put so many up there and that you went picture happy. Looks like a great time. Some pics of downtown Indy brought back memories!!


Ok, I'm leaving now to come to your place for lunch :)

mindy said...

I am so glad that you guys had a good time and excited to see that you guys are having a good time documenting it as well. I like to document things too, but unfortunately, sometimes I am not meant to document things and keep them stored in my own little memory.

Miss you tons! And have been thinking a lot about you especially the last fews days!