Friday, July 27, 2007

My Teacher Site - Recruiting Advice

I had many goals for the summer. Projects, if you will. Some were tackled. Pantry organized - check. Oven cleaned - check. You get the picture. Some are still underway and it is yet to be seen if they will be finished by the start of school. Oh well.

One such project is finding more imporance on my priority list. I wanted to make a class website and nix the old Friday Newsletters required of us by our principal. Besides, she encourages us to use technology. And, Lisa Merryman has a wonderful teacher website. I'm hoping to copy some of her ideas. Thanks, Lisa!

Anyway, I e-mailed The Tim Challies for advice as well as being inspired by Erin's My Symphony and The Cozart/Helwig blogs, so here I go... another wordpress blog. ;)

Here's what I need from you. My future 5A families don't know about the classroom site yet. It's brand spankin' new. I won't unveil it until I have it exactly like I want it with good links, edited welcome post, about the teacher section, my philosophies, etc. If you are bored or love editing, please edit and critique what I have so far. I'm not as computer-savvy as some of you, so those who are you can also give pointers on templates, etc. Teachers, you can help by sending wonderful links that parents of 5th graders would enjoy or find beneficial. It being a Christian school, any good links on parenting or family issues would also be helpful.

Here goes...

It should change a lot in the next few days!


gerlthouse said...

Nice. I like it!! Good thinking. I can't wait to keep up with 5A again this year. Am I still on the mailing list?

Jamie Butts said...

Thanks Gerlthouse. Is it safe for the whole family? :) I mean, would posting pictures be too much? Will weirdos be able to reach school info? Would you like it if a teacher posted pics of your kids? These are some of my questions. And how can I fix the spaces on the side to organize right? Any ideas? I've got questions, you've got answers?

sarahdodson said...

Wow,Jamie! Can you teach our children?? You sound like a most wonderful teacher:) I wish I WAS more computer savvy so I could give you advice or whatever. but I'm not; looks great!