Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why yes, I am going to a concert. Called Man Up. :)

So, it's kind of funny, but I'm not (too) embarrassed to say it. We're going to the Man Up Concert tonight, as part of Reach Record's Man Up Conference on Biblical Manhood. Yes, we. The Concert tonight is open to the ladies too. Although, it's funny that us two white folks who have no rhythm are headed to praise God with lots of really cool, godly folks through the medium of Christian hip-hop.

And, I'm so, so excited. This is my gift to my amazing husband (who introduced me to my love of Christian rap. I was slow to catch on, but now I sincerely love it. Most songs anyway!), who is about to turn 30. I'm so thankful for my man.

Why do I like Christian rap? Glad you asked!

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