Friday, April 06, 2012

Tiny Kids and Easter!

I want to link up, with permission, to these precious videos of a very sweet girl, who is a very special friend of ours. Nate loves Rebekah!

In these videos, many things stand out to me... (besides just how cute our little friend is...)
-How you can teach tiny kids big truths...
-expressing the sadness of the death of Jesus (as Nate says, "Jesus had a lot of owies." Not sure how you spell owies.)
-expressing the joy of the fact that Jesus is Alive!

We did a very adapted version of these - And, I've been trying to follow Noel Piper's recommendation to gather all of your books about Easter and children's Bibles in one spot and read about the death and resurrection of Jesus often!!

Of course, we also have been re-kindling our love for this song. (Dustin and I are going to our first Christian rap concert soon... more on this on another day! Ha!)

Just thought I'd share some fun, simple, frugal ideas that have been helpful in keeping the discussion going with our 2 year old.

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