Friday, April 01, 2011

Tips for Two Under Two (Document Attached)

Photo Courtesy of my sweet and talented friend, Lindsay Crosby!

This is one of my faves! More to come...

  1. Most of these tips could be applied to any newborn situation. Some could be applied to any busy household, children or no children. I was (in many ways) even busier (or at least, busy in different ways) when I was working full-time. I don't discount that working and keeping a home is a busy time! Maybe these tips (especially the cleaning ones) could be useful to those in that life season as well.

  2. I do not endorse all of these sources (blogs, preschool books or otherwise). Mainly, because I haven't read them all. I just dug for stuff I liked.

  3. I think I quoted everything correctly, but you can get on to me if I didn't.

  4. Any more tips? Add them to the comment section. Perhaps I'll add them to the document eventually!

  5. When I can't sleep at night, this is one of the things I've been doing (besides reading Little Women, ha!). I'd like to add my own thoughts on a future post and some verses. These tips are mainly practical, not getting at the heart of mothering and probably not for everyone. But, I liked them.

  6. The formatting is shabby at this point. If I get bored, I may play with it sometime. For now, it's tips first, the source they came from second. Categorized by sources, not topic.

This link should get you to the document:

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Jamie Butts said...

Forgot a few (will add to the document later) - from Bobbi, friend of my sister's...

We made sure we were set ahead of time (got an extra crib, extra booster seat, extra car seat, etc). I do remember trips to Target and grocery store were hard…I’d have the Jamie in a car seat in the belly of the cart…Gregory would be in the front of that cart…then, I’d push that cart with one hand and pull another cart behind me to put our groceries and other items in! I was like a human ‘choo-choo train’! ha! It was a lot easier to wait till evening for Phil to go with me, but often I’d try to get it done so that we could ‘relax’ in the evening as much as possible.

I would tell your sister to take as much help as is offered…and don’t be afraid to ask for help…she has nothing to prove to anyone. Get help as needed! I think I tried to not ‘bother’ anyone (and really I think it was ‘pride’ of trying to do it all)…but I think I should have taken more help.

I should have sought out a ‘mommy’s helper’ as well.

I know so many teenage girls in our home school community who would be such a blessing to help out a new mommy or mommy with many young children. These mommy’s helpers type girls often have younger siblings (or some may be the younger siblings in their families and are looking to get experience with children) and are GREAT sources to help you occupy the first born, prepare simple meals, help Mommy do small household chores, help Mommy go run errands, etc. They often don’t want any money or just a very small amount for their time- and they are SO worth it! They have tons of energy and are such a great help. What they’re really after is the experience and the opportunity to serve.…great stuff!

You may also suggest she seek out a Godly older woman from her church (if your parents aren’t available?) to help her once a week or so to run errands/take a nap/etc. It could be a great time to get some Titus 2 mentoring as well as help with the children.