Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Catch Up - Facts of Randomness

1. It's 4:17am, and I am having what I guess is pregancy insomnia. My theory is that it kind of happens when it's time to "drop" your 1st Trimester naps that were so needed, because the energy's kicking back in. So, the nap I thought I needed yesterday was perhaps not as essential anymore. No naps tomorrow!

2. I'm not sure who reads this anymore, if it's something to keep up, what to write when I do post, etc...

3. Nate's going to be 11 months tomorr... nope, today. It's the 5th. One more month until he's ONE! Unbelievable.

4. His little brother or sister is somewhere between the size of a kumquat and a fig, according to my sources. Yes, we will find out this time, even though yes, it was actually really fun not finding out last time! We thought we'd try the finding-out strategy this go round.

5. A sweet lady from Korea, a long-standing member of our church, joined me for lunch today and kindly brought us a box of the Korean equivalent to Moon Pies. So, I just had one as a 4:24am snack. And it was yummy.

6. Brr! It's getting chilly around here. Like everyone else, I get so excited about the fall - sweatshirts, leaves changing, Nate in his cute winter clothes, soups, chilis, etc. It is coupled with a nervousness about what follows... for several months, but I'm getting a little tougher each year here. I was such a pansy my first year and daily wore my ski jacket to recess when I taught 5th grade, but if you have been a long-time follower of this blog, you probably already knew that and have laughed at me before.

7. Dustin's folks are coming to visit this weekend, and we are so looking forward to seeing them! We miss our family and friends in Texas and abroad. We have some fun things planned... Friday night, Carolyn is going to help me practice sewing on my new (dusty, sadly) machine that I still haven't used yet. Meanwhile, Dustin and his dad are headed to a local football game! We might go on a day trip to Cincinnati, and we will definitely go to Dudley's (my father-in-law) favorite place to eat in Louisville. Have you been there? You should! Just don't eat all day before you go... so you can enjoy more than one piece of evilness. They are dying to get their hands on Nate, if they can catch him in his busy boy-ness.

8. Later this month, we're headed to St. Louis for a friend's wedding. We're excited about the road trip together. Dustin and I love road trips!

9. I have found Cozi.com to be extremey useful these days. Mainly, the calendar features and the to-do and shopping lists you can create. Check it out!

10. I'm guessing this will be my last post for a few months until some inspiration strikes, because posting at this hour can't be too insightful or deep. But, I guess it served it's purpose, because I'm tired again and you are caught up at some level. Until then...

PS: Since we're talking random here, I'll leave you with some random pictures of our Friday night to stick with the theme. Let's just say it was a funny night, but one of the best we've had in a long time. It started with 1 neighbor kid asking Dustin to fix his bike and then grew. I didn't even get a picture of the final crowd, but it was fun. We loved meeting a good chunk of our neighborhood kids, and Dustin enjoyed getting to be handyman and tearing apart one clunker bike they found at the dumpster to fix the other two. And I think some of the kids enjoyed playing our keyboard and eating Nate's goldfish. We hope to hang out with them again sometime.


Laura said...

loved the post!! just the update i needed. :) tried calling today. we'll catch each other. i love you!

nate almost a year???!! wow!

Shaunna said...

Keep blogging--I read!! Love ya!!