Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Woods :)

Ah... you know how it is with a move. Where are my oven mitts? Where is my phone charger? Well, I just found the cord that goes with our camera to upload pics. So, I'll try to be better about sharing photos, but no promises. Due to lots of requests from sweet friends (I think the vibe was, "You're making us wait to find out the gender of the baby and now we can't even seen the nursery?"), I thought I'd start with sharing a few pictures of our sweet baby's sweet room. We hope he/she loves it! Granna (mom-in-law) painted the tree! We love it. She also said that if the baby is a girl, she can add some flowers next to the tree when she visits to help girly it up a little! Great idea! The animals around the room are wall decals that go with our bedding. The crib is from Dustin's parents; it's the crib Dustin and his sister slept in as babies! We bought the dresser at IKEA that will eventually double as a changing table. And, the glider was an anniversary present from Dustin. I dropped serious hints. Glad he took them! I really like it!

Now we just need the baby to arrive (well, and things on the wall, a mattress, diapers...okay, I'm glad there are 13ish more weeks of nesting).


Laura said...'s precious! i love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the tree! It's beautiful!!

Shaunna said...

Super cute!!! Great job:]

Heather said...

It's looks beautiful.

Kristy said...

Sooo very cool! 13 weeks--wow! That is soon!!!!! I cannot wait. Those animals are precious and I love the tree too. He or she will love it. It's so great, I vote you have lots of babies to enjoy it! That is almost the same blue as Titus' room. I said the same thing about the flowers--we'll add flowers and ribbons if the baby is a girl. And I actually had a flower-y valance that was supposed to go if the baby was a boy. Sorry Titus that you were 6 months old before I took that down! I want you to come and help me decorate his room!
Love you!