Friday, October 19, 2007


I've been tagged

I was tagged by KARI to write 7 funny/strange/crazy things about myself. Scroll down to see if you were tagged. Here ya go:

1- Once married, we discovered I grind my teeth. I have to wear a nightguard now. I pretty much hate it!

2- Don't tickle me. Not a fan.

3- I HATE the word curdled (ask Travis Dawson). And I hate when people ask you to smell the milk to see if it's still good!?! And I hate it when you can hear tick-tock clocks. Seriously.

4- Unlike most people, I love going to see the dentist and I always have. Why? He's my uncle!

5- I once was the tallest munchkin in a local theater's Wizard of Oz production. I was the coroner. Lame. I wanted to be Dorothy.

6- I once was Mother Earth in a weird Earth Day play.

7- About 2 weeks ago, I had to save a sweet, screaming staff kid with his stuck foot in the closing eletronic bleachers that some goofball middle school basketball player came in and closed without permission. Ah, the adventures of Staff Care. My adrenaline was pumping and I went into Mom mode! I could barely sleep all that night I was so shaken up. Grateful the Lord kept all safe.

I tag Leslie B. and Mary M.

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