Monday, September 10, 2012

Gals and Social Media

The ladies over at GirlTalk have been churning out a helpful and rather lengthy (proof of the need for such discussion) series on Social Media (Our Connected Heart).

I have been reading these posts, not always because I want to, but because, I know that I need to.

I actually don't tweet. I honestly don't even facebook much anymore, although I go through spurts where I do more often. Getting a bit more tired of pinterest, although I love finding recipes and rainy-day activities - a goldmine of a resource! Yet, which social media we use or don't use isn't really the problem here. I think I inwardly pride myself on the fact I don't use some of the more trendy social media forms. But, seriously, how many hours a week do I use e-mail, search blogs or even peruse recipes. How does that hold up to the weekly minutes spent in the Word? How does my time spent connecting or browing compare to my desires and commitments to pray, study Scripture, or serve others, especially my little ones and husband (and church family)?

And, just to preface the series, know they aren't saying quit your facebook, never tweet, etc. Read up, and you'll see that loud and clear.

Today, I'm going to take the Social Media Challenge. I'm not here to tell you what that will look like in my home. Shew, I don't even know yet. I need to take an honest look at my habits and think through that personally. But, I know I want my kids to grow up seeing WAY more of mom's front than her back. I am positive I want them to see me in the Word more than typing words. I'm sure I want to serve people face to face more than facebook to facebook (although that can be a real source of encouragement). I want to enjoy the sunshine. Have clean clothes and yummy food ready. I want to know God and know others. But, on a lot of days, what robs me of these basic desires is, yup, the Internet.

This isn't to discourage or make you feel crummy, the girltalkers are wonderful at reminding women of God's great grace to us and His wonderful calling on our lives.

So, be encouraged. I'm ready to take a harder look at my daily habits as they relate to time, priorities, the computer, etc. And maybe fill up some of my previously wasted time with some more profitable pursuits.

Here's the link to the posts - Social Media/Less Is More

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