Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday "For Reals!"

One of the biggest complaints you often read on the blogosphere is that everyone seems like they have it all together. Duh! No one does, but I guess it does feel like that sometimes. Everyone's all dressed up in their Sunday best with a smiley family and some crafty project done. Anyway, I don't know why I mention all of that except to say I just randomly felt like taking a few pics today to show what it is really like, in case anyone ever feels like my ducks are always in a row. Far from it! (And, I'm NOT crafty, for the record.)



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There's a picture (a few days ago) of the kids all contained with their 3rd (I think) round of Cheerios, just because I needed to finish up dinner in peace. Ha! The pizza picture is from lunch today. I like making pizzas with Nate, but we are all out of cheese. Ha! Nice planning on my part, huh? Nate's eating lunch in his pj's. Don't judge. And, I've stayed on top of laundry this week (good) but not folding.

Some days are better than others, but that's a funny glimpse into some not-so-with-it days. I'm trying to learn to laugh. And press on! Signing off.


Shaunna said...

Thanks for the "For Reals!" I love it! I rarely feel like I "have it together" these days---And at least you put your clean, unfolded laundry in a basket---Mine just stays in the dryer until there is no more room to cram another load in :)

Kristy said...

Love the for reals. I may have to copy that. I recently heard a mom a mom say she got rid of all of her kids' pjs. They slept in the next days' clothes. It's the opposite at my house--we stay in our pjs most of the time!!!

elricha2 said...

Love this! I can 100% relate!