Thursday, November 04, 2010

Baby Apple Butts

 15 Weeks Today

Baby Bump for sure

Baby's the size of an apple

Next appointment, December 2, we'll find out the baby's gender. It was sooooo fun not knowing last time, but I am not sure how I waited! I'm dying for December 2 to hurry up and get here! :)

Big Brother Nate is 1 tomorrow! Pictures from the year-in-review to come soon. Hopefully.

You're all caught up on the pregnancy now.
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Laura said...

you are sooooooooo tiny!! when we skyped the other day i couldn't even tell you were prego. for the whole 3 seconds we skyped. :) love and miss you tons.

happy happy early birthday to nate!! super sad i haven't even met him yet. :(

love you all!

Shaunna said...

I agree with Laura, you are TINY!!! Yay for your Dec. 2nd appointment---I can't imagine NOT finding out...Don't think I could do it:)

Eric and Lar Holquin said...

you are so cute!!!! can't wait to find out the gender myself!!! yay!! :) OOOWWWEEE!!!

Candace Thayer said...

I had NO clue you guys were expecting numero dos!! Yay & Congrats!! And, Nate is SUCH a cutie!!!

Deana Menikoff said...

You look beautiful my friend!