Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How To Encourage Your Working Wife - Updated

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments, Sarah and Kristy. My sweet husband saw the post and thanked me for the encouragement/compliment, but politely asked if I didn't make a series of it. This is the humble man that he is... so, I won't tell how it's so helpful that he thanks me, helps around the house, points me to joy, takes me on date nights, encourages simple meals, reminds me I'm not Carolyn Mahaney, etc. :) To my Dustin, thanks for all of the things that the blog may never see that you do to help me during this unique season. You have done an exceptional job of leading and loving in the last few weeks and the growth I constantly see in you spurs me on, and I am undeserving. I could not ask for a dearer friend to call my husband. May each season be precious to us and not be wasted.

(original post) First off, I'm not looking to start a conversation about women working outside of the home. I'm going to just go from the assumption that there may be a season where a woman finds herself employed (at least part-time) outside of the home, with her husband's approval and with a heart that strives to not neglect, in fact to keep the priority on the home and family. One such season is often the seminary one...

My objective in these is to speak as a wife, who is well-loved by a husband who has consistently grown in serving me so I can serve him and fulfill the roles that are hard to balance at this time. I don't want to brag on our marriage. (Just ask me if you want to hear how sinful I am and how much we have to learn!) I do want to encourage seminary husbands, or any husband who has a Christian wife who works outside of the home, even a little bit.

All of the things I am suggesting to husbands are coming from the things I find I need, the things Dustin has done well, the things that help our home tick during this time, or the things I believe honor God during a weird season. So, I will make this a tribute to my humble husband, who has especially done well in all of these things so far this year, which is proving to be the toughest of all. I think this is a series I could actually continue (for once), because I already have about 8 things in my head. The suggestions will range from simple to more in-depth and commonplace to more spiritual.

Husbands, you comment on tips for me for how to encourage my seminary husband. I have a few stored up, but I would love to hear the guys' point of view.

Take It From The Butts #1 (first and last): To brighten your working wife's day, send her text messages, e-mails or notes in her lunchbox that thank her for her hard work, point her to Jesus or include a verse or a reminder of your love for her. Dustin has done this often, and it has been edifying beyond words. Husbands, the simple gestures go a long way to brighten your wife's day...

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sarahdodson said...

I like this! Fun to read and I look forward to more:)

I'm very happy for you to have a good marriage. That is truly priceless!