Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Day 1, Dustin!

Where do you start with 3 minutes? Just another simple update, I guess.

-Dustin started class today. 1st day of the second to last semester here. Hard to believe he graduates in May. As counseled, and for various reasons, he is treating it as a job. I drop him off at 7:15 and he works (in class or in the library studying) until I pick him up around 4:45 (along with exercise and quiet time and occasional lunches with friends or chapel). Pray for mucho discipline.

-I started teaching Foundation and Frameworks. Looks as if I'll be learning mucho discipline right along with my hubby. It will require constant "time on task" (a favorite teacher term) and extra hours of reading at home each night to prepare to teach small groups each day. At least we'll both be reading!

-God is answering so many prayers, and our faith has been encouraged and strengthened as a result. I should not be so surprised when a big God answers big prayers for His glory! Between an amazing opportunity for our church to partner with U of L's Campus Crusade for Christ (never before so intertwined with local churches) and Dustin's Basketball guys opening up and coming over to interesting situations with new neighbors being resolved beyond our imagination, the Lord is encouraging our hearts. Now... do I believe and pray like I believe that God can save lost sinners? Do I depend on Him and not my words or actions? Pray for this kind of faith.

-I'm digging hummus these days. Do you?

-Welcome to Louisville, Peter and Kathlyn, Kristin, Jason and Cara...

-5A, the newest new class, is doing really well so far.


Kevin & Becky Peek said...

I dig hummus big time. Erin & I shared roasted red pepper hummus at Jason's Deli yesterday, and we're both fans. We wish you could have joined in on the OK fun this weekend!

Kari Plevan said...

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday! Thanks in advance for your gracious hospitality. Oh and I am a big hummus fan too! I have liked toasting my own pita bread to make a "homemade" sort of version of pita chips to dip in the hummus.

Today is Eron's first day too!